Your local chiropractor providing fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment, which is safe, effective, and affordable.

At Back2Health, we integrate chiropractic, soft-tissue & massage therapy, exercise rehabilitation, ergonomics and more to resolve pain and injuries quickly and effectively. Back2Health provides no-nonsense, ethical chiropractic treatment and advice that works.


Why Should You choose Back2Health?

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    Fully Registered!

    Fully registered GCC Chiropractor from the Isle of Man (BCA Member), providing services to all the people across the Island. Located at a central Douglas clinic, offering effective and affordable treatments.

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    Symptom Relief!

    Our main focus is on treating you and your symptoms so you can return safely to work. We’re not here to get you on an expensive long term pre-paid treatment plan either, we want to help you as quickly and as best we can.

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    Comprehensive Approach!

    Our treatments cover a wide range of therapies for an all comprehensive approach.

Here is a list of reasons why people contact the clinic

Low, Mid, and Upper Back Pain

These are the most common problems that present to the clinic. With the help of our chiropractor, the problem can be diagnosed both quickly and accurately, and treated effectively thus helping you to avoid suffering from chronic back pain problems.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our modern lifestyle places immense stress on the muscles and joints of our neck and shoulders. Problems that affect the neck can commonly cause headaches or lead to restriction and pain to the upper back, shoulders and arms.

Leg and Arm Pain

These can be caused by a ‘trapped’ nerve, referred pain from trigger points in muscles and myofascia, and/or spinal joints themselves. Your chiropractor will be able to diagnose which of these is causing the pain and therefore give you treatment that is appropriate for your problem.


Headaches can be debilitating especially if they are frequent. Most headaches (cervicogenic) are caused by restriction of the joints of the neck and referred pain from the muscles of the neck and/or shoulders and can range from a mild tension headache to severe migraines. They can often be alleviated effectively with the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Sports Chiropractic and Injury Prevention

The core contribution of the sports chiropractor is the ability to find the key joint and/or soft-tissue dysfunction in the athlete and to treat that with skilled manual and other conservative care. Managing and preventing injuries leads to improved performance. At Back 2 Health we look after athletes of all standards.